MagniCharger™ 2.0

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Charging cables always breaking?

Charge too slow?

Always struggling to connect it?

Take a look into your phone's charging port. Dirty, right?

That's why the MagniCharger™ 2.0 is here.  


  • Magnetic design – 90 Degree Angled Connector with a super strong magnet
  • LED Indicator – Built-in Blue LED indicator illuminates when the cable is active
  • Ultra Durable – Made of high-quality nylon braided cord and Aluminum metal case
  • Easy to charge – The plug easily separates from the cord.  The plug can stay connected without the cord. Once connected, it'll charge your phone in no time! Charges twice as fast than a regular charger!
  • DustProof Your Phone – The magnet connector can be used as a dust-proofing plug and will prolong the life of your device. In addition, it can reduce the damage to your phone port by preventing frequent plugging and pulling.


*Compatible with phones, wireless headphones, console controllers, and bluetooth speakers. 


Much thought and effort went into making our cables. It has gone through several reliability test and we are proud to say that our cable is up to 10x stronger than others. 

They were built to last the lifetime of your phone and beyond.


When the battery charge falls below its minimum voltage level we trickle charge. Trickle charge mode prevents the battery from charging at a high rate when the battery resistance is lowest, and thereby minimizes heat dissipation. Generally, the charge rate during pre-charge runs about 10 percent of the full charge capacity. Once the battery reaches that minimum voltage level, the charger switches to a constant-current or fast-charge mode.


Our award winning design makes charging your phone a breeze. Our 360º design allows you to charge in an instant from any direction. You'll never want to deal with other chargers again.