So many of the life's standards today are defined by people and corporations who aren’t in touch with the needs of modern society. Today's society is so time stricken that we decided to create Blu Motiv. The front line of the future. The brand's ultimate goal is to save everyone the most valuable thing in existence: Time. By eliminating the small hassles of daily life, we believe that it'll make it easier to accomplish a happier and healthier you. How do we do our part? We bring you some of the most convenient and exclusive products on the market!

Blu Motiv is committed to efficiency in all aspects, so we make sure to provide an array of products at affordable prices. Our passionate team constantly strives to bring you access to the latest trends and products so that you have access to the products that you want as soon as they become available. By providing unparalleled support, we have earned the trust of a growing, global community of strong minded men and women. By remaining committed to fostering this community, we have been able to leverage our strong community into exclusive partnerships and offers from some of the top brands and celebrities in the world.


Experience our community for yourself and embody the principles we’ve never left. Our community is guided by honesty because we believe that commitment to the truth makes us better women and allows us to serve others and solve problems together. We embrace humility because it is the only way we can grow as leaders and learn to accept feedback from others. We cultivate passion in everything that we do because we believe that passion helps us tackle our responsibilities and grow every day. And lastly, we develop community, because we are all in this together. Revivify wants to be more than your lifestyle brand, we want to be a part of the community of people in your own life that build you up and help you conquer the world.

Our Standard of Security & Trust: 

We handle all orders and business services from Los Angeles, California. We are hosted on the most reliable and secure platform known as Shopify. To be extra safe, we use payment processors. This gives you the protection against fraud, as well as us!

Shipping Information:

Processing time: 1-5 Business Days

Shipping time: 10-20 Business Days (Varies based on delays, holidays, or AOG).

Excluding the United States of America, other countries may experience different shipping times. International shipping times may be around 15-30 business days, please be patient! We are trying our best to insure that everyone receives their product. 

Tracking Numbers become available after the order has gone through processing and has been shipped. 


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